IT Project Consulting
Global Network Support is also available for per-project IT consulting. If your organization needs assistance with an IT project, we can help, or we'll have a qualified referral available.
Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Management
Desktop and Server related support makes up the bulk of what we do for our customers. However, there are a wide variety of IT-related devices and services that make up an organization's infrastructure. Things like laptops, firewalls, network switches, UPS units, printers, copy machines, scanners, VOIP phones, smart phones, digital cameras... And all of miscellaneous equipment that gets plugged in to a computer with a USB cable. Depending on your organization's needs, we "just take care of it".
Managed Services for Servers and Desktops
An IT worker can spend a significant amount of time trying to keep up on event log entries, disk defragmentation, patch management, backup monitoring, and other "routine" tasks needed for maintenance on a servers and desktop computers. With our managed services system, we automate these processes, so that are always "taken care of". Alerts are generated for problems that require manual intervention (such as a failed backup, or hard disk failure). Internal IT or GNS technicians can then take action on these events before it becomes a work-stopping issue for business personnel.

Managed Services Feature Highlights

Security Patch Management

System Log Monitoring

Virus & Spyware Protection Management

Daily System Audits

End User Support Portal

Application Deployment

Application Addition and Change Notification

Hardware Change Notification

Application Log Monitoring

Asset Management

Report Generation

Remote Management

End User Remote Support

Desktop Policy Enforcement

Backup and Disaster Recovery



This is by no means a comprehensive list.

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Supported Software List

There are thousands of custom software packages that run on Windows desktops and servers. We support a significant portion of them for our existing customers. With our experience, learning new software systems and supporting them is a specialty of ours. This is a list of applications that we currently support or have supported (please assume all versions):

Microsoft Server & Desktop Operating Systems

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft Office Products

VMware Server

Quickbooks Software

Lacerte Tax Software

Springbrook Software

Caselle Accounting Software

Peachtree Software

Sage MAS 500

Act! Software

FileMaker Pro

Shelby Church Management Software

Firehouse Software

Adobe Software (Acrobat, Creative Suite, etc)


Deltek Advantage

AutoCAD/Autodesk Software

SolidWorks Software

Time Matters - Legal Series